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Anger Management

Learning how to regulate negative emotions is an important aspect of rebuilding a healthy life in recovery. Anger management techniques provide methods for coping with surges of frustration or anger without allowing these emotions to overwhelm you. Healthy coping skills become a critical component to maintaining sobriety and achieving optimal wellness.


Self-forgiveness means accepting responsibility for your actions without making excuses or beating yourself up. This is critical to getting treatment for your addiction. .

Family Issues & Conflict Resolution

Recognizing another family member’s hurt and finding the compassion and understanding to resolve the conflict is an essential element of recovery.

Toxic Relationships & Co-Dependancy

Anyone can find themselves trapped in a toxic relationship with someone. People who have low self-esteem and who use substances to cope may put themselves in toxic relationships because they want to feel loved and are willing to put up with anything in order to get it.

One of the most toxic aspects of having a relationship with an addict is the development of codependency.  Addressing these relationships is an important part of recovery.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a type of therapy that incorporates painting, drawing, sculpting, coloring, and other creative activities in a therapeutic setting to help you move forward in your journey to recovery.

Art therapy is particularly beneficial in treating substance use disorders as it helps you understand how certain experiences have shaped your behaviors, what’s keeping you “stuck”, and provides you with a path forward.

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